How to Build a Climbing Wall for Tireless Kids

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Build a Climbing Wall

How to Build a Climbing Wall – Kids climb walls. So why not give them one they are allowed to climb? A DIY climbing wall is a simple project that will have your kids climbing the walls with joy.

Now, before someone brings this up I’ll tell you that we are big fans of the outdoors here. But sometimes, just sometimes, we go indoors, too. So while it remains a definite possibility that having mom and a dad who like to build can lend itself to spoiled kids, we like to think we are simply creating good times as a family. And who doesn’t love a climbing wall?

But first, let’s talk about safety

Obviously, to build a climbing wall as with any DIY project, kid toy, or, well, heck, anything, safety should be considered. As of this writing the wall has been up for nearly a year. Neither my kids nor any others have taken a tumble from the wall.

And I assure you, there is nothing docile and mild about my children. If you are too lazy to read to the bottom I’ll tell you now that there are mats at the bottom and those mats are rigged up to lock over the wall as a safety measure when there is no adult supervision.

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