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Here are couple of tips and tricks on how to clean hardwood floors without much effort. The floors of your home are important. They are the support system to your entire house. You start your day by walking across them every morning for your cup of coffee. Your hardwood floors are what people stand on and comment on when you’re hosting a party.

They’re the medium to how you enjoy the rest of your home. But hardwood floors are often neglected, and they deserve a little TLC. Here are some tips on how to clean hard wood floors:

  • Sweep and Vacuum

It’s essential for the health of your wood floors that they remain free of dust and debris that can scratch or damage the surface of your floors. You should use a broom or a hardwood floor mop for daily cleaning. Try to get a wood floor vacuum for weekly cleaning.

Pro-tip: If you only have a regular vacuum, raise the vacuum, and deactivate the brush roll. This will make sure that the vacuum is just working by suction.

  • Mop

If you over soak your floors, they can actually become more damaged and begin to warp. So make sure that when you’re mopping, that you wring out most of the water out of the mop so that it is only damp. More heavily trafficked areas may need to be cleaned more often, once every week or two.

If your floors are well sealed, you may add a diluted hardwood floor cleaner, but make sure to follow the product’s directions carefully. Avoid using any harsh detergents because they will dull the surface of your floors.

A spray-and-dry mop is always an excellent purchase for hardwood floors because it doesn’t require a bucket and dries quickly.

Pro-Tip: Your floors should dry quickly, but if you’re trying to speed clean before the in-laws visit, turn on the ceiling fans and air conditioning. You can also dry the floors with a soft, microfiber cloth.

  • Revitalize Your Hardwood Floors: How to Clean Wood Floors

You’re going to get scratches on your hardwood floors. Especially, if you have pets. But you can revitalize your floors with a few simple steps.

You can try liquid scratch concealers. When these concealers dry, they form a permanent seal that won’t come off during cleaning. But make sure to select a sealer that best matches the finish of your hardwood floors.

If your floors are real hardwood, you can lightly sand it with a low-point piece of sandpaper, and then apply the new finish.

You can also restore your floor’s shine with floor polish, but please read the directions thoroughly. It may look like you’re not adding enough polish, but you are. This will help protect your floor from wear and help fill in some small scratches.

If you want to revitalize your hardwood floors deeply, you can use floor wax. Always apply floor wax with the direction that your floor’s grain already goes in.

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