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Handyman Expert West Drayton offers you all the handyman services you might need for your home or business. We can assist you in any activity that requires either physical force (carrying, mounting); as well as activities that require an expert technician such as plumbing and electrical services.

We are one of the most recognized handyman companies in London and now we offer Handyman Expert In West Drayton, as well as Uxbridge, Hammersmith, St. John’s Wood, Brent and Chingford. Here is a list of services we can offer you.

What Services Handyman Expert West Drayton offers:

  • Repairs and Renovations
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Plumbing and Electrical
  • Fitting and Fixing
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Hanging and Odd jobs

As stated above, we can perform these services for domestic customers but also for commercial customers. We can also offer these services for landlords that want their flats up to shape for when the new tennants move in.

Furthermore, Handyman Expert West Drayton is always ready for any challenges you may give us. Our expert technicians are always prepared with the best tools for the job and stride to perform jobs as efficient and as cost-effective as possible.

Our technicians will always wear disposabe face masks and gloves and will respect social-distancing guidelines so you and your family are safe.

We can offer you a free quote and advice on what type of job your property needs, if you are unsure. To access these services, please contact us at 020 3369 6493.

We are one of the most reputable handyman companies in London and have provided thousands of clients with our professional services. We have hundreds of positive reviews across our locations throughout London. Our guarantee is proffessionalism, efficiency and a very competitive price.

For the best Handyman in London, look no further then Handyman Expert West Drayton. In conclusion, for any Handyman job, contact us at 020 3369 6493.

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