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Laminate Floor Fitting

Laminate Flooring is one of the cheapest and most resilient type of flooring there is. Laminate floor fitting is usually much more cost and time effective then other methods of flooring.

In addition, options for Laminate Flooring are virtually limitless, there is an option for everyone. It comes in different shapes, sizes, patterns and textures.

Laminate Floor Fitting AC Rating

Laminate flooring is based on Abrasion Criteria, which details the specific usages they’ll hold up best under. The higher the AC rating, the more durable the product will be.

  • AC1—moderate residential use (like bedrooms and closets)
  • AC2—general residential use (like living rooms and kitchens)
  • AC3—heavy residential use or moderate commercial traffic
  • AC4—general commercial traffic
  • AC5—heavy commercial applications

The good side to Laminate floor fitting is the fact that you can choose the colour or material based on your home decor. This allows for harmony throughout your house design. Also, laminate flooring can easily be changed, if you feel like changing the colours around your house.

There are two methods of Laminate floor fitting. The first one, implies clicking and locking togheter the laminate floor planks. The second method implies glueing the floor planks to the sub floor. Both methods are easy to perform by a qualified handyman. Also, the method of installation depends on the manufacturer of the product you are buying.

It is very important that you check the sub-flooring is as flat as possible. Sub-floor levels should be no more than 3mm over a 1m distance in any direction. Humidty levels should also be checked prior to commencing installation. Acceptable humidity levels vary between 45% and 65%.

You must always perform Laminate Floor Fitting by the book in order to ensure that the floor is straight and does not contain any bumps.

In conclusion, if you need help with Laminate Flooring, call Handyman Expert today at 020 3369 6493.

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